Installing the packages:

To get started with the Huddle01 Flutter SDK, you can install the package using npm or yarn:

flutter pub add huddle01_flutter_client 

Creating a room:

import 'dart:convert';
import 'package:http/http.dart' as http;
//Auth token we will use to generate a meeting and connect to it
String apiKey = "<Generated-from-docs>";
// API call to create meeting
Future<String> createMeeting() async {
  final http.Response httpResponse = await http.post(
    headers: {'Authorization': apiKey},
//Destructuring the roomId from the response
  return json.decode(httpResponse.body)['roomId'];

Initializing the SDK:

After installing the package, you can initialize the SDK by using the useHuddle01 hook:

String projectId = 'YOUR-PROJECT-ID';
String roomId = 'YOUR-ROOM-ID';
// Initialize your huddleClient 
HuddleClient huddleClient = HuddleClient();
// Initialize project

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