Participant List API


The Paticipant List API is a useful tool for retrieving information about a specific meeting room. By passing in the meetingId as a parameter, you can easily access a list of participants who joined the meeting.

This API is especially useful if you need to retrieve information about a room for administrative purposes or if you want to gather a list of participants. Overall, the Participant List API is a valuable resource for accessing participants in your meeting rooms and can be used in a variety of scenarios to enhance your experience with Huddle01.


Retrieve the meetingId by utilizing the Meeting List API and copying the meetingId associated with the particular meeting.


Paticipant List API

The API supports a GET request with the following required parameters:

  • meetingId - The meetingId of the meeting, for which you need to get the details.
GET • rooms/paticipant-list?meetingId={meetingId}
const response = await axios.get(
    headers: {
      'Content-Type': 'application/json',
      'x-api-key': {{API_KEY}},

Upon success, the API will return a response with the following fields:

  • participants - The list of displayName and walletAdddress of the participants who joined the meeting.

In case of an error, the API will return an error message with a corresponding status code.

      "roomId": "emo-orrj-uvh",
      "hostWalletAddress": [],
      "duration": 244,
      "participants": [
          "displayName": "OmG",
          "walletAddress": "0x123456789",
          "joinedAt": "2023-07-10T09:33:34.771Z",
          "exitedAt": "2023-07-10T09:34:40.436Z",,
          "displayName": "Axit",
          "walletAddress": null,
          "joinedAt": "2023-07-10T09:06:12.157Z",
          "exitedAt": "2023-07-10T09:34:40.436Z",,


ParamsDefinitionData TypeMandatory
meetingIdThe MeetingId of the room, for which you need to get the list.stringY


FieldsDefinitionData TypeMandatory
roomIdThe RoomId of the room, for which you need to get the list.stringY
hostAddressesThe host wallet address of the room.string[]Y
participantsThe list of participants in the room.{displayName: string, walletAddress: string | null}[]Y
durationThe duration of the meeting.number | nullN
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