Get Participants

This method returns a list of participants in a meetings. By passing the meetingId, you can easily access a list of participants who joined the meeting.


You can retrieve the meetingId by using getRoomMeetings().


import { API } from '@huddle01/server-sdk/api';
const participantsList = async () => {
  const api = new API({
    apiKey: process.env.API_KEY!,
  const participants = await api.getParticipants({
    meetingId: 'YOUR_MEETING_ID',
  return participants?.data;


getParticipants() returns following details.

roomIdstringThe room id of the meeting
hostWalletAddressstring[]list of host wallet addresses
durationnumberThe duration of the meeting in minutes
participants{ displayName: string, walletAddress: string }Participants list with name and wallet address
    "data": {
        "roomId": "YOUR_ROOM_ID",
        "hostWalletAddress": [],
        "duration": 23, // this will be in minutes
        "participants": [
                "displayName": "John Doe",
                "walletAddress": "0x1234567890", // if walletAddress is passed while creating token
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